Products and Service for Radio Control Hobby Enthusiasts

At Airtronics, we believe that every modeler, every racer, every RC enthusiast, whether new-comer or veteran, should have R/C equipment that is dependable and user-friendly. Airtronics has been dedicated to that goal since our very first radio produced decades ago. We are a friendly company that has always been dedicated to the modeler's success. Each Airtronics product is backed with friendly staff, free technical information, and a service department that is second to none.

Innovation Trust Support

These promises are the heart of Airtronics product development. Each radio, receiver, servo, speed control, and every component offered by Airtronics is built to the highest standards to provide long life you can count on flight after flight, race after race. When you trust your model to Airtronics, you are in good company trusting equipment that champions depend on when only the best will do. By holding that standard we ensure every Airtronics user, whether using that product for sport or race, will find our products reliable and trustworthy.

At the core of each Airtronics product is a team of engineers, factory drivers and pilots, and hobby professionals dedicated to developing and producing innovative products that give Airtronics users an edge. We mean real innovation that matters, innovation that gives Airtronics products the features you need to stand on the podium every time.

Our Dedication to You

We at Airtronics take our commitment to our users seriously. That is why we have set up tech support pages throughout our website. If you can't find the information you are looking for, feel free to ask us. Visit our contact us page if you have any questions.

Airtronics is part of the Sanwa-Denshi Japan company, an electronic components development company serving many industries with R&D, products, and manufacturing in several countries and distribution that reaches world-wide. Airtronics, Sanwa, and their USA partner Hobby People and Global Hobby have all been in business for well over 40 years.

Airtronics,, and Sanwa are trademarks owned by the Sanwa-Denshi Corporation located in Japan. Hobby Shack, Global Hobby Distributors, and Hobby People are trademarks owned by the Hobby Shack Corporation located in the USA.

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